The work presented on this portfolio site was achieved in cooperation with multiple research and development teams that I supervised in the past. Find here a list of all cooperation partners that contributed to the various projects and topics under my supervision. I am thankful for all the the contributions and enthusiasm brought into our joint research by:

Team Administration (acting across multiple scientific projects):

Gerald Radspieler, Elena Tropper, Valerie Kornschober, Alexander Goritschnig, Sibylle Hahshold, Bianca Pichler-Thier, Ina Höfernig

Team Robocoenosis:

Ronald Thenius, Wiktoria Rajewicz, Nikolaus Helmer, Joshua Varughese, Sarah Schönwetter-Fuchs

Team RoboRoyale:

Martin Stefanec, Daniel Hofstadler, Laurenz Fedotoff, Ifeoma Grassl, Philipp Delanoy, Harald Pascher, Valerin Stokanic

Team Hiveopolis:

Martin Stefanec, Martina Szopek, Matthias Becher, Asya Ilgün, Daniel Hofstadler, Martin Kärcher, Jutta Vollmann, Sarah Schönwetter-Fuchs, Stefan Schönwetter-Fuchs-Schistek, Valerin Stokanic, Dajana Lazic

Team subCULTron:

Ronald Thenius, Joshua Varughese, Hannes Hornischer, Daniel Moser

Team Flora Robotica:

Payam Zahadat, Daniel Hofstadler

Team ASSISIbf:

Martina Szopek, Martin Stefanec, Michael Bodi, Ziad Salem, Payam Zahadat, Ronald Thenius, Sarah Schönwetter-Fuchs, Stefan Schönwetter-Fuchs-Schistek, Sibylle Hahshold

Team CoCoRo:

Ronald Thenius, Payam Zahadat, Christof Möslinger

Team Rebodiment:

Daniela Kengyel, Thomas Kunzfeld, Gerald Radspieler, Martin Stefanec

Team Symbrion:

Ronald Thenius, Heiko Hamann, Payam Zahadat, Jürgen Stradner, Markus Dauschan

Team Replicator:

Heiko Hamann, Ronald Thenius, Payam Zahadat, Jürgen Stradner, Markus Dauschan

Team Temperature-Induced Aggregation of Bees:

Sibylle Hahshold, Martina Szopek, Gerald Radspieler

Team I-Swarm:

Ronald Thenius, Christof Möslinger

Team Self-Organization of Bees:

Ronald Thenius, Markus Petz, Gerald Radspieler