Educating the Next Generation

I see teaching as one of the best aspects of my work. This is when science and reading gets a purpose. It is essential in my teaching that I do not transport just facts but connect things, change the perspective of views onto the same things again and again and also transport hands-on-experience not just theoretical knowledge. For this, my lab's team has developed novel teaching devices that allow students to experiment and gather knowledge. This teaching is supported with computer simulations on specific topics, that again support an explorative and active approach towards learning. Finally, also suitable examples have also to be conveyed as basic knowledge in written from and in video lectures, which are a significant part of the game in my teaching style. In a variety of courses my students learn to understand a diverse set of aspects of sociality and group interactions in nature.

ATEMPGRAD, a device for hands-on-learning for out-of-the-box classroom usage in STEM

Let the students do their experiment under their own control and settings

Create simple setups to let students observe social interactions in organisms

Observe what is happening in the experiments they designed

Specifically designed interactive simulations of collective behaviors and interactions

Explore fish swarm choices to understand sociobiology and swarms